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8 Blowing Facts about the Winds!

In our daily life, we are always surrounded by all forms of meteorological appearances.  And the Winds are certainly at the top of the list. They have a significant place in the mythology as well. They are one of the natural causes that has done most harm to the world population.
There are different variations of winds and they can be classified by their intensity, duration, speed and humidity. Go over this list and learn something new that you’ve never heard about the winds.
1. No, it’s not planet Earth. The most powerful winds in our Universe are blowing on Saturn, and they can reach speeds of nearly  2,000 km/h.

storm saturn wind 2000

2. The device that measures wind velocity is called Anemometer. This is one of the oldest devices ever known, and it dates back from the 15th century.
3. Ancient Egyptians are the first recorded nation that took advantage of the wind. They used it for propelling boats on Nile. Ancient Persians saw the large capacity of the winds and knowing this they invented the first windmills.
4. Today, the wind exploitation can bring great benefit to the world. Maybe in the same measure that has done damage. The largest wind farm in the world is located in California. It’s called Alta Wind Energy Center and consists 490 wind turbines that generate 1,700 MW energy power. This can easily allow 14 million homes to exist solely from the energy of the winds. Not bad, right?


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